Worry-Free Business Continuity

All businesses have essential data, applications and systems they need to protect – personal work stored on laptops, business applications running on servers or infrastructure systems like email and payroll.  And lets face it – sometimes things go wrong.  Laptops get stolen.  Email servers fail.  Someone accidentally deletes an important file or folder.  Systems get hacked, files get corrupted and as we all know, disasters do happen.  You need worry-free business continuity.

Without a means of business continuity, system outages or lost data can halt productivity and incur potentially unrecoverable losses to customer satisfaction, sales, reputation and revenue. When systems fail, you want the peace of mind that your applications and data can be restored quickly.  You want worry-free business continuity from CompuVault.

CompuVault provides that peace of mind, offering an award-winning SaaS solution for ensuring businesses are always on, always protected and always up and earning.


The CompuVault Solution: Beyond Backup™:

CompuVault worry-free business continuity is an entirely new type of cloud platform that eliminates data loss, keeps applications up and running, and makes sure that IT infrastructures never go down.  Designed for todays always-on business, CompuVault replaces legacy backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery software and hardware, and reduces the amount of expensive copy data in an organization by as much as 80%.

By mirroring an entire business in the cloud, CompuVault makes it simple to access and restore data from any device, provide failover IT systems, and virtualize your entire office with a click – all from a single de-duplicated copy.

Trusted by thousands of businesses to store and protect more than 10 billion files and applications, CompuVault maximizes productivity, reduces cost, and eliminates risk.


Unsurpassed Data Protection:

CompuVault offers a hybrid solution, where your data is stored locally on an onsite appliance for fast backup and restore and is securely replicated offsite:

• Complete file and folder protection
• No software agents to install or manage
• Concurrent backup and restore for Windows®, Linux and Mac OS X machines
• Application-aware backups (Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and Sharepoint)
• Image backup and bare metal restore (BMR) of laptops, desktops and servers
• Backup and recovery of virtual servers (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and XenServer)
• Reverse incremental technology for fastest possible restores
• Anti-corruption technology to ensure health of backups
• Automatic de-duplication
• End user or administrator-driven data recovery
• Customizable scheduling and retention policies for compliance and archiving
• Exception-based management


True Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In the event of a server outage, you can run servers on the CompuVault platform with a single click until the new hardware is ready.

• Configure frequency of image protection
• Create complete server or desktop images to restore to different hardware
• Conduct local failover and full system recovery
• In the event of a site failure, a new, fully replicated onsite appliance is sent overnight
• Easily virtualize IT infrastructure in the cloud
• Test failover capabilities without impacting production environment
• Restore back to the replacement server at your convenience after business continuity
• Data is encrypted in transit and at rest in our offsite SSAE-16 certified datacenters

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