System Restore Recovery

In today’s business climate, intellectual property such as E-mail, Web pages, account files, financial data, and Human Resources documents are the lifeblood of doing business. If your computer system fails, complete recovery can take hours, or even days. With a few easy steps, CompuVault System Restore can recover and restore your company’s critical data in minutes – including operating systems, software applications, preferences, and data files.


What is CompuVault System Restore?

CompuVault System Restore is an easy to use software product that utilizes a wizard interface to quickly recover an unusable system after catastrophic failure. It is seamlessly integrated with CompuVault Online backup data protection solutions, and can restore both the system and the data in a single pass. This gives you a unified solution, eliminates the need for multiple backups, and dramatically reduces downtime.


CompuVault System Restore vs Manual Restore

Manual restore requires the procurement of new hardware, installation of operating system, and data recovery so that operations can resume. This process requires accurate documentation of system parameters and relies heavily on the skill level of your available IT personnel. This process can take days. CompuVault System Restore eliminates much of this legwork, and enables a quick and painless recovery. With a few easy steps, CompuVault System Restore can restore and recover a failed system onto similar hardware, dissimilar hardware, or a virtual machine in minutes.


CompuVault System Restore is a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Product

A “Bare system” is one that is devoid of any operating system, software, or data – a completely empty machine. “Bare Metal Restore” is a process by which a system that has experienced a catastrophic failure can be recovered from its Bare Metal state.



  • Fast and easy recovery solution of a failed system
  • Saves time reinstalling operating system
  • Preferences are saved
  • Flexibility to restore and recover to a different type of machine
  • Similar hardware
  • Dissimilar hardware
  • Virtual machine
  • Recover from a bare metal state (completely empty machine)
  • Single pass operating system and data restoration
  • Reduced downtime

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