Secure Online Backup/Recovery

cloudvaultWhat is CompuVault Online?

CompuVault Secure Online Backup Recovery is a premier online backup and data recovery solution. It provides secure, reliable, and efficient protection of your critical data. With CompuVault Online you have 24/7 access to your important files from any computer with an internet connection. With our SaaS cloud-connected solution, you can safely and securely recover a single file up to multiple files; whether you are working from home, away for business, or at a client’s location you can get the files you need quickly and efficiently.


Flexible Online or Disc Recovery

CompuVault Online private SaaS cloud-connected solution offers you two ways to recover your critical data – over a secure online connection or on a drive. With the cloud solution, you can recovery your single file in an instant. It is that fast.

In the event a secure internet connection is not available or for larger amounts of data to transfer, CompuVault can put your complete encrypted data backup on a drive from our servers and our secure, GPS tracked couriers can deliver the disc to your location.

This flexibility of service allows you to choose how you want us to handle your recovery. Either way, your files will be recovered quickly and you’ll be back to business in no time.



With CompuVault Online, there is no additional equipment or staff required; your data is protected without incurring additional capital or IT expenses. It is a low cost option with a “pay as you go” business model.

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You get top-tier cloud infrastructure, a team of storage experts, and state-of-the-art technology as well as online data protection and offsite storage. FIPS-approved AES encryption (military-grade encryption) locks your data before it leaves your computer, and ensures that only you have the key to unlock it.


Couple Services for Maximum Protection

CompuVault Online Backup/Recovery in combination with CompuVault System Protection can quickly recover and restore your company’s critical data and applications including: data files, media files, operating system, applications, preferences, history, favorites, and settings.

A disaster recovery partnership with CompuVault which includes Online Backup & Recovery coupled with System Protection will offer you peace of mind. We will recover and restore your company’s critical data and operating systems quickly, so for you, it is business as usual.

Protect your data and your business’s future.

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