Secure Backup/Recovery

How much can you afford to lose?Secure Online Backup and Recovery

Lost data is more than bits and bytes; it is the physical loss of years of your company’s ideas, vision and hard work. And with every minute of downtime, there are valuable customers who are losing confidence in your company when they can not buy your product, get technical support or customer service. And guess what? You are losing sales.

Your investment with CompuVault Online Backup and Recovery will protect not only your critical electronic data. All of your hard work, reputation, and the future of your business is a fraction of the cost of an hour of downtime. According to the Disaster Recovery Journal, the average company loses $40,000.00 for every hour that users can not get to data and applications that run the business?

The right storage solution will keep your critical data protected and accessible under any circumstance, while your business continues to move forward.

With CompuVault Secure Online Backup and Recovery private cloud-connected solution, your data will be protected and restored securely, efficiently, reliably, cost-effectively and quickly. How quickly? How does a few hours or in an instant sound?

No question, data recovery is an affordable solution that protects more than your bottom line. It is peace of mind.

System downtime equals business downtime. 

Protect your data and your business’s future.

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