Secure Offsite Storage

Where is your data stored right now?

Secure Offsite StorageCatastrophes and unplanned interruptions do occur and can be very costly. If you rely on drives, discs or tapes housed solely in your company’s building, you may be gambling with your company’s future. In an instant, a natural disaster such as a tornado, earthquake, fire, or flood can damage your company’s buildings which house your data. A computer virus, human error, or a disgruntled employee can erase critical digital content. In all of those instances your company has lost important data and business operations.

A disaster recovery plan that includes Secure Offsite Storage is a smart solution that enables you to recover lost data quickly and efficiently. With CompuVault your data files are safe. We secure your media in our state-of-the-art UL Certified Vaults.

Our Courier service, operated with highly-secure, GPS monitored, climate controlled vehicles, saves valuable time getting you back to business as usual. Some companies send your important data through the mail and take days to get it to you. We think you deserve better service and security with your sensitive data. That’s why we have bonded and insured couriers ready to bring your backup data to your location – 24/7.

In most cases we can have your offsite media to your Metro location in a matter of hours. We think that’s pretty exceptional. You’ll think it is amazing. It is one of the many things that sets us apart from other Disaster Recovery specialists.

With CompuVault your offsite media is safe and available quickly.

Protect your data and your business’s future.

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