Secure Offsite Media Protection

Secure Offsite Data StorageHaving a secure plan

A recovery plan that includes secure offsite data storage is a smart solution that enables you to recover lost data quickly and efficiently. With CompuVault your data files are safe. We secure your electronic media in our state-of-the-art UL Certified Vaults.

CompuVault specializes in secure storage of electronic information, disaster recovery media, microfilm and digital images, and other client-driven information. Our environmentally controlled vaults are designed to safely store media, such as magnetic tapes, which requires special handling for longer life and better data integrity.

Data tapes are not only vulnerable to fire, flood and theft, but are also at risk by subtle environmental factors such as heat, moisture and electromagnetic radiation. Our facility is constructed in such a way that your media is kept safe and is securely protected from environmental elements.

Our librarian system ensures systematic and accurate information storage and retrieval 24/7.

Secure Offsite Media Storage is insurance that your data is safely and securely stored so you have access to important information and files when you need it. CompuVault is dedicated to providing the ultimate media storage protection focused on security and service for more than 25 years.

Media includes, but is not limited to:

  • Magnetic Tapes
  • Disc Packs
  • Microfilm
  • Diskettes
  • Disc Cartridges
  • Drives
  • Video
  • Documentation


Storage Vaults

You will have peace of mind knowing your important data and media are stored in access-restricted, UL Level 3 secure, environmentally controlled, and Halon Ansul protected storage vaults. In addition to fire detection and suppression systems, our vaults are monitored with closed circuit television.


Courier Service

Our Courier service operated with GPS monitored, climate controlled vehicles enables us to securely transport your media to and from your location. Courier service is available daily, weekly, or monthly and for 24/7 emergency response. You determine the schedule that best fits your individual business needs.



  • Safely and securely store, retrieve, and organize data
  • Environmentally controlled vault with fire detection and suppression systems
  • State-of-the art librarian system
  • Retrieval 24/7
  • Closed circuit television monitored vault storage linked to police and fire departments
  • Access-restricted storage area
  • Courier service transports media in secure, GPS monitored, climate-controlled vehicles
  • Access on a schedule determined by you, daily, weekly or monthly

You can rest easy knowing your media is safe and available. Always.

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