Remote Disaster Recovery (RDR)

Can your business survive major or minor data loss?

In our industry, there are two categories of businesses: those who have felt the pain of downtime due to a disaster and those who will. System downtime equals business downtime.


CompuVault Online Remote Disaster Recovery

CompuVault Online Remote Disaster Recovery is a cloud-based professional-grade data protection solution that can quickly recover critical production systems after a disaster, natural, human-error or technology malfunction. You will gain access to mission critical data via a secure, virtual environment, so even if your home location is inoperable, you can still conduct business as usual from a virtual environment (warm site) anywhere in the world. And a team of disaster recovery experts is on hand to guide you through the entire recovery process, from set-up and testing to execution of the data recovery processes at the critical time.


What is a Warm Site?

CompuVault Online Remote Disaster Recovery operates as a “warm site”. Disaster Recovery “Warm Sites” are replacement workplaces for companies that experience complete site failure. We set up our servers to act and look like your system before the disaster occurred, so authorized employees, clients, and others who have access to your data can carry on as if nothing ever happened.

A Warm Site has similar hardware available to your own site and can be repopulated with your important data. CompuVault OnLine Remote Disaster Recovery service does this with state of the art virtual technology. Your “warm site” can operate from your business location or in the event of complete physical location destruction, from any computer with secure internet connection anywhere in the world.


How is this different from other recovery options?

Other offerings are focused on recovering data from one machine at a time, and assume that the workplace is still operational. This service is focused on recovering key systems from a non-functioning workplace, remotely and virtually.


How does it Work?

  • Client purchases Remote Disaster Recovery service coupled with CompuVault OnLine Backup and System Restore data protection solutions
  • Client selects servers to be protected and desired Recovery Time Objective (RTO) level
  • Install Engineer works with client to configure Disaster Recovery backup to our Remote Disaster Recovery data center
  • CompuVault executes Disaster Recover test and leaves client with test results, Disaster Recovery execution plan, and emergency contact information.
  • In the event of a disaster, client “declares” the disaster by calling CompuVault Disaster Recovery hotline
  • CompuVault OnLine Remote Disaster Recovery team recovers servers in a virtual network within contracted Recovery Time Objective window
  • Client employees access from anywhere through secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection

CompuVault Remote Disaster Recovery provides a rock-solid technology platform to help you quickly recover your organization’s critical systems.

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