Recovering businesses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

One of our partners that worked on recovering businesses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina had these comments:

In the aftermath, a lot of lessons were learned but three easily overlooked factors stood out:

  • Failing to back-up data in alternate location. After the storm, businesses that had only stored their back-up data locally were not able to access it due to the widespread flooding, power outages and communication lines that were severed.
  • Communication is paramount. During the storm, cellphone towers were destroyed and too many organizations did not have an emergency plan in place to ensure staff could communicate at a time of disaster.
  • Cash is king. The majority of credit and debit card readers were out of use and businesses posted signs that they were only accepting cash. People were not able to get supplies and employees were not able to return to work.

Make sure your organization takes the time to address these issues and any other risks specific to your operations. And always remember, the best time to prepare is before disaster strikes.

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