Can CompuVault backup my data?

With CompuVault Secure Data Protection, you select the data to be protected and also the length of its retention. Our software verifies and encrypts your data before it leaves your environment. In the event that a restore is needed, your data can be recovered quickly.

How can CompuVault protect against data theft?

All of your protected data is encrypted before it leaves your environment. It can only be viewed and restored after you have provided your confidential encryption key. This ensures that there can be no unauthorized use of your data.

When can I backup up my data?

Our solution is designed to give you complete control over your data backup objectives. Our online cloud backup software is designed to work seamlessly with your schedule. We also offer options that utilize an onsite appliance which will continually backup your data during prescribed business hours and duplicate the data into cloud storage at opportune intervals during the day and/or after hours to minimize network traffic.

Can I backup up my entire server?

Yes. With our solution, a complete image of your server can be created and refreshed automatically at predefined intervals. This allows you to have the most current snapshot of your environment ready to restore, including server and user settings, if necessary. File-level backup is also available to provide additional options to you when contemplating and preparing your backup plan.

What happens if I lose my server completely and still need to operate?

With our solution, we can provide a temporary fail over appliance which will allow you to continue your daily operations until your replacement server(s) are restored and ready for use. This ensures that your operations can continue without interruption.

How long has CompuVault been in business?

CompuVault has been serving businesses for over 25 years. With hundreds of satisfied clients, we have assisted in providing our customers a hybrid approach using physical and/or cloud based storage solution that meets their data protection goals.

Are your data centers secure?

Our private cloud data servers are located in SAS 70 Level II certified facilities with all the required security, power and environmental controls necessary for proper data storage and protection.