The End of Downtime

Nothing is more detrimental to a business than downtime. The average small or midsize business loses more than $160,000 a year from lost productivity during downtime. Client satisfaction and service reputation can suffer significantly with every second that operations are halted. In the event of theft, hardware failure, file loss, or even a natural disaster, it is imperative that your business is able to resume without delay, in order to sustain productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction, and success. With CompuVault in place, you can make downtime a thing of the past.

Key Features of the CompuVault Complete Data Protection Solution

  • Data Backup and Restore: An onsite appliance is installed in your workplace for quick backups and restores, data is also securely replicated offsite to one of our SSAE-16 certified data centers. Reverse incremental backups mean the latest versions of your backups are always the most recent and easy to find.  Brick level restores offer the option to recover just a single specific file.
  • Business Continuity & Cloud Continuity: The onsite appliance can virtualize a failed server and resume its operations immediately until new hardware can be prepared. If your entire infrastructure is destroyed, you can quickly virtualize your servers and work off of the cloud. This allows you to continue business as usual in a matter of minutes instead of days.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a fire, theft, sabotage, hardware failure, or natural disaster, your data is protected in our secure data center. Even if your workplace is completely offline or destroyed, your data, applications, and systems are made available to you via a virtualized office in the cloud. No downtime and no loss of productivity mean no financial loss.
  • Simple and Easy: Easily manage your data via CompuVault’s web-based management console or rely on CompuVault to assist with quick troubleshooting or restoration tasks.
  • Compliance: CompuVault makes it easy for you to comply with various industry rules and regulations. Our security standards meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by most laws and governing agencies including (but not limited to) HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, FINRA and MSRB.
  • Peace of Mind: CompuVault believes it is your right to be completely free of worry. No matter what industry rules and regulations you have to follow and no matter what unpredictable data dilemma you may face, we guarantee that your data, applications, and systems are securely protected and instantly recoverable from anywhere. With CompuVault, achieving regulatory compliance and complete uptime is easier than ever.

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