Data on Tape in Hybrid Backup

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A Reliable Backup Solution for preventing Hackers and Loss

Data tapes that are offsite are away from many of the threats and critical channels of infiltration for hackers. Data tapes that are stored in secure offsite storage facilities are out of hackers reach. We help with hybrid solutions that are based on offsite storage of tape with onsite appliances and cloud fail-over solutions.

Data backup to tape can be more time consuming and users may have to wait longer when retrieving their data. However a longer retrieval time can be an indication of this backup solution’s reliability. Data that is physically removed from a business is more likely to withstand common security threats to a business’s most valuable data.

The advantages of tape backups make it a favorable method for secondary and tertiary information backup. This means that businesses often use data tape backup in conjunction with other online backup solutions. Data tapes are the final point of call in the event of an disaster.

If a business is victim of an online attack or hack, it can rest assured that it’s critical data is safe, at an offsite location, ready for use in backup recovery. This hybrid system of onsite device/cloud backup and offsite tape storage can deliver the security and efficiency that businesses desire from a data recovery program.

CompuVault can help with setting up this hybrid system, backing up to an onsite device and then to the cloud, with tape backups stored at our own facilities. Contact us to find out more.