CompuVault FileShare vs. Dropbox

Dropbox is a widely known sync solution that many small businesses do consider. However, it was developed as a simple sync solution for consumers, not designed to address team-based scalability, collaboration, or security features, which are all required for businesses. CompuVault FileShare, which was built for business and provides SMBs the visibility required to monitor files, documents, users, not to mention policies to control them. A side-by-side comparison between the tools is given below.

Features and Capabilities

CompuVault File Share


Share and Collaborate
Share Files and Folder with Links
Password Protect and Set Expiration for Links
QR Linking (QR Codes for Public Links)
Integrated Commenting
Create and Share with Connections
Integrated Email/SMS notifications
Sub-Project Sharing
Granular Share Permissions
Custom Branding
Mobile Productivity
Integrated Office File Editing on iPad & Andriod
Integrated Document Annotation on iPad & Android
Open Documents from Email
Upload via Email
Rendering for Over 50 Different File Types √-
Work Offline (Favorites)
Mobile Sync (4Q 2013)
Scan to PDF on Mobile Apps
Remote Computer Access

File Synchronization and Backup

Backup Policy Controls
Real-Time Sync for File Changes and Modifications
Select Any File or Folder for Backup
Create and Manage your Files with the Blue Folder
Bandwidth Throttling
No File Size Limitation 10GB
Delta Backup for Large Files
Cloud Seeing

Document Management

File Retention (Versioning) 180 Days 30 Days
Smart Locking (Automatic Office File Locking)
Full Text Search
Integrated Video and Slideshow Playback
Project Archiving
Restore Deleted Files
Media Streaming
Microsoft Office 365 Intergration
Project Owner Management

Multi-Platform Support

Windows (as user)
Windows (as system service)

Dedicated Mobile Application



HIPAA Compliance
AES 256-bit Encryption for Files in Transit and at Rest
Geo-Redundant Data Centers with RAID6 Mirrored Backup

Enterprise Features

Groups & Subgroups
Integrated Company Branding
Manage Projects (Super Admin)
AAA Integration (Active Directory)
Two Factor Authentication (Google Auth/SMS)
SLA (Service Level Agreement) ≥99.9%
Team Audiring (Account, Group, Active Directory
User Access Auditing (User, Device, Agent, Admin)
Project Auditing (Project, File, Folder, Comments, Links)
Custom User/Computers/Mobile Device Reports
Sales-Force Integration

Enterprise Policies

Passwords Policies (Life-Cycle, Complexity, Thresholds)
Session Policies (Timeout, Cookie Controls)
IP Address White-Listing
Public Link Allow Policy
File Unlock Override Policy
Remote Computer Access Policy
Mobile Content Add/Create Policy
Mobile Content Edit Policy
Mobile Content Export Policy
Mobile Security Code Policy

√* Higher Grade Plan Only

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