Cloud Continuity

No Downtime, No Data Loss

Today IT infrastructure, applications and data are the foundation of every business.  And now, IT professionals and business owners can sleep better at night with CompuVault Cloud Continuity, the lifeline for all critical business systems.  Even during a disaster scenario when physical offices are destroyed, CompuVault Cloud Continuity  keeps businesses up, earning, in compliance and fully-focused on opportunity and growth rather than risk.

How does CompuVault Cloud Continuity work?

Cloud ContinuityCompuVault Cloud Continuity gives businesses the most comprehensive and reliable solution for eliminating application downtime and data loss.  With a couple of clicks, entire offices are virtualized and businesses can instantly access all of their critical data and applications from any cloud-connected device, from any location. Other offsite virtualization services require users to engage their solution provider in order to initiate the virtualization process. While CompuVault support is always available if needed, users can start and configure a virtual office without contacting CompuVault.  Simply follow six easy steps.

The Speed and Reliability of Cloud Virtualization Countless IT professionals and businesses currently using CompuVault Cloud Continuity are impressed with the ease-of-use, speed and reliability of this feature.  When Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. Northeast in late 2012, several businesses used Cloud Continuity to failover networks to the cloud and keep all data, applications and systems running despite the storm.  That’s just one example of the reliability and peace of mind that CompuVault gives businesses every day.

About CompuVault The CompuVault cloud solution goes beyond backup to eliminate application downtime and data loss, and ensure businesses are always on, always protected, and always up and earning.  By replacing traditional backup, disaster recovery, archiving and business continuity solutions with an easy-to-manage cloud platform, CompuVault saves companies money, increases productivity and eliminates risk.  Protecting your business has never been simpler.

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