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Catastrophic Data Loss

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What happens if you have a Catastrophic Data Loss? Several Universities have under taken studies of what would happen to a business if it suffered a Catastrophic Data Loss. Here is what they say: The University of Minnesota found that “…93% of businesses that lost their data center for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year.” The University of Texas study says “…companies t ...

Backup and Recovery You Can Believe In

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Backup and Recovery There are a million ways to backup your data, but can you recover it when you need it? Our customers trust CompuVault Backup and Recovery to ensure their mission critical data is always available when they need it. CompuVault: Backup and Recovery you can believe in. Businesses rely on us to address their: Compliance Disaster recovery Onsite, offsite, online and cloud-conne ...

Choosing an Online Backup Provider

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As a small business owner, your business depends on proprietary data such as client and vendor contact lists, accounting data, tax records, and other important documents that you create and store on your computer. Chances are that you back up that data on tape drives or a server—but what do you do with those tapes or that server once you have made the backups? Even if you are able to transport y ...